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post Aug 1 2012, 08:33 PM
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Crysis 2 Tournament


Flawless Victory is bringing you, the Crysis 2 community, a great eSports gaming event. There have been very few successful ones in the history of Crysis 2, and the ones that have had that slight success have left us wanting for something more concrete. One thing led to another and here we go, the "Ascension" tournament.

Time will tell how many teams show up. A 16-team tournament would be optimal, but if the 16-team number is reached more teams are still encouraged to join us.

We'll be playing an intense, competetive tournament of Capture the Relay with 4-man teams on the great "DLC" maps Blutaar666 worked hard to bring us a few months ago.

Download link here:

There will be a prize for 1st place, 2nd place, and a community voted prize for "Best Effort".


Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that's 1.2k.

Date, Time, and Place

Sign-up closes August 30th, at 23:59 GMT +0.

Round 1 start: September 1st, 16:00 GMT +0
Round 2 start: September 1st, 17:00 GMT +0
Round 3 start: September 1st, 18:00 GMT +0
Round 4 start: September 8th, 16:00 GMT +0
*Round 5 Start: September 8th, 17:00 GMT +0
*Needed if more than 16 teams sign up

Every team must have one representative show up on the tournament IRC chat-room 30 minutes before the first round of the day starts to confirm participation of the team in question and to perform a possible choice of map with the opposing team, or be forfeit.

All matches are held on official tournament servers brought to you by Flawless Victory. The matches will be numerically assigned to specific servers. Participants have no control over which server or when a round begins, this will all be pre-determined. NOTE: All tournament servers are currently located in the US

Tournament Rules

1. General

1.1 Tournament is single-elimination; you lose, you're out.
1.2 Game mode is Capture the Relay.
1.2.1 The available maps to play are Night Time, Boat, Inner City, and Gardens from Blutaar666's DLC.
1.3 All matches are held on pre-determined servers.
1.4 All tournament rounds will begin at the designated date.
1.5 The only valid reason for delay of a match is if the previous matches have not yet been completed.
1.6 Teams consist of 4 players with a maximum of 1 reserve player. You may only be a player/reserve in ONE team.
1.7 The tournament rounds will determine the victor by "best of 3".
1.8 Tournament rules and dates are subject to change only by the Tournament admins.
1.9 Common sense is allowed, respect is allowed, extensive negative attitudes will not be tolerated.

NOTE: Due to the yet unclear nature of anti-cheat measures, be prepared to be able to record your gameplay.

2. Weapon Rules

2.1 No FY-71.
2.2 No Smoke Grenade.
2.3 No L-Tag.
2.4 No Laser attachment.
2.4.1 No Aim Enhance.
2.5 No Grenade Launcher attachment.
2.6 Only one sniper (DSG/Gauss) user per team. That person must be announced in the IRC before each round.
2.7 Only one Jackal user per team. That person must be announced in the IRC before each round.
2.8 Players not designated for jackal/sniper may also NOT pick them up from dead opponents.
2.9 Players designated for jackal/sniper MAY still use other weapons. A team doesn't need to designate these roles if they aren't going to use them.

3. Server Settings

3.1 All servers will be unranked and passworded.
3.2 Eight player start.
3.3 Capture the Relay.
3.4 Rounds are 16 minutes long. (2x8)
3.5 Respawn timer is set to 10 seconds.
3.5.1 Lobby time is set to 60 seconds.
3.5.2 Initial start timer is set to 60 seconds.
3.6 Killstreaks disabled
3.6.1 Deflection off
3.7 Team picking is on.
3.8 Friendly fire on.

4. Match Procedure

4.1 If the match is the first match of the day, teams must have one player log onto the tournament IRC and report in, 30 minutes before the tournament round starts or risk being forfeit. Times are set, if you want to win a lot of money, be there.

4.1.2 If a team doesn't show up on the IRC in time, it will count as a loss. If many teams are no-shows in the first 30 minutes, the bracket may be re-done so that more people get to play the first round.

4.2 Before each tournament round, each team will have their IRC player greet the opposing team, as well as begin the map elimination procedure.

4.2.1 There are 4 maps to choose from. The map is decided by elimination, the team with the smaller team number in the bracket order gets to choose the first map elimination. Then the second team eliminates one map, and then the first team gets to eliminate a third map. The remaining map is the one that will be played for this match.

4.2.2 The map elimination takes place with a tournament admin, who will then set the server accordingly.

4.2.3 When the admin gives the go, both teams are expected to promptly enter the server and when the game starts, it's live.

4.3 If a player of either team gets a crash or a time-out, the only time when a restart of the game is allowed is in the first 2 minutes of the game (not half). Each game can be restarted ONLY once. More disconnects and crashes will have to be dealt with by playing harder.

4.4 The reserve player can jump in at any time, given that one player has already disconnected.

4.5 If the server crashes, contact the admin you've been dealing with on IRC to restart it and get things going again.

4.6 Any foul play or disputes, bring it to the IRC chat. Don't start a flame-war. All rulings are final.

4.7 At the end of each match, both teams are obligated to capture screenshots of the scoreboard, and show it to the tournament admin on IRC. If there is a hurry, and both teams agree on who was the victor, the next match can already be played and any match results uploaded afterwards. If the results arent posted by either team, it may not count as a win.

5. Additional Details

5.1 Any questions or issues regarding the upcoming tournament can be posted in this forum. Spamming or idiotic behavior won't be tolerated.
5.2 Much of this may be subject to change and more may be added. Specifically, if you have to record or whether or not all servers will be US based.


Remember, this tournament is about fun, and improving ourselves. If you want to win this, you'll really have to push yourselves and your team to new limits and obey the rules.

Also, donations are very welcome. Running all the servers is going to be expensive. If you want to donate, send the stuff to this paypal:

Questions, ask on this forum. There is a separate thread for signing up.

Tournament Admins

We are looking for tournament admins. If you're interested hop on fVic's Teamspeak and speak with Crazyfist, or send him a PM on these forums. CURRENTLY, admins include:

- Crazyfist
- Blutaar666


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